About Us

The Bride

Nicole is a Web Designer at Alexa Internet. She started drawing mermaids in the fourth grade and hasn't stopped since. She rides a motorcycle, loves dogs and hates cottage cheese. Here's her web site.

The Groom

Steve is a Engineer at Bebo. He started playing with computers when he was in kindergarten and hasn't stopped since. He rides a motorcycle, loves dogs and hates cottage cheese as well. Here's his web site.

How They Met

Nicole and Steve used to work together when they lived in Ohio. They started to hang out and fell in love. When they discovered that they both hated cottage cheese, that sealed the deal. This is their web site.

Favorite Things

The Proposal

Nicole always wanted a very romantic proposal, and Steve happily gave it to her by proposing at the Eiffel Tower during their trip to France. The day was May 22, 2007.

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