Our Vows


Steve, today I will marry you, my best friend, my equal, my love. You challenge me and see the things that I don't. When I have no voice, yours is there loud and clear in its place. When we first fell in love it was intoxicating; I'm still addicted, I haven't been sober since. Your the most passionate person I've ever met, and when those crazy blue eyes focus on me, I feel like the only woman in the world. Every night I look forward to falling asleep in your arms, my favorite place to be. I am entirely yours, now and forever.


Today I relent. I surrender. I capitulate. I give up.

I'm no match for you, my love. You've fought for it, your tenacity and quiet knowledge of your conquest which is now laid bare for all to see. You've won my heart, it's yours... do with it what you will.

You've been molding it for years now, and all can see that your artistic hands have made it a more pliant and beautiful thing. I thank your tenderness for turning this lump of hard basalt into something more resembling flesh.

You are my love. I am nothing without you.
Your consideration shows me how important it is to care for those we love.
Your smile for soothes my deepest frustration.
Your humor shows me that not everything is so serious.
And your driving shows me which lines to take around the course.
I eagerly await the rest of our lives, and look forward to all of the other secrets that will be revealed.